Jottings by Jerry – January 29

   Getting what we asked for is always nice and the weather, the good kind, is one of them. It’s been pretty nice and we have earned it. Sure, we will get some more snow but we can live with it. Spring is closer every day. The mild weather, almost above freezing has been great for wildlife giving a chance and the ability to find food while burning less energy. If you have a chance to feed the birds bread crumbs, seeds, suet, peanut butter please do it. They will like it. 

   How are you taking the impeachment trials? They seem to drag on and will last longer than we can afford. Waiting for the next election may be easier and we would have the choice. Whichever side you’re on very few of us will change our minds. What politician hasn’t died to promote their own agenda? The House and the Senate, I believe, will have their obvious conclusion. Whatever happens, the campaign will also be very long and tiresome. It will be good to get this behind us and work on the other problems. So now I can get off my soapbox. Do they have soapboxes any more?

 * * *

   After a long day of shopping, my daughter and I stopped at a grocery store. I ran in to pick up a few things, leaving her in the car. As I approached the checkout I was surprised to see my daughter there waiting for me.

   “Honey,” I said, “what are you doing in here? I left the motor running.”

   “It’s all right, Mom,” she replied reassuringly. “I locked the doors.”

* * *

   “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”                  —Newt Gingrich

* * *

Have a good week!

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