Jottings by Jerry – March 18

The last several weeks have been crazy with events that would be hard to anticipate. The shutdown of most things normal is fast become our new way of life for the immediate future. Avoiding people, particularly large groups, hoarding all those things we believe we can’t get along without and scrubbing our hands much more than regular is time-consuming. Of course, it will be all worth it if this can be turned around. This paper will have some changes to be made with no school, no large meetings and much of community life. We will do our best and with your help and patience, we will continue to publish your paper. On that note, our newsstand price will remain at one dollar but additional copies will be two dollars with a limit of five. Don’t throw out your old papers. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

We can almost see April from where we are. We feel bad when temperatures don’t exceed the freezing point. But Spring officially starts this Thursday and with it the start of the growing season and I would be happy with a few tulips without snow. We will soon be complaining about mowing grass, swatting mosquitoes and sweating the heat. The good old days. For now, we will celebrate with the Irish on the Ides of March. Keep your shovels handy.

Support your local merchants, they need your help.

We will all know more next week.

* * *

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

* * *

Have a good week!!

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