Jottings by Jerry – December 18

The Christmas rush has started with the full impact coming next week. Now is the time that the cookies are made along with other temptations to counter good intentions for losing weight. May the force be with you or whatever it takes. I have never mastered the art of saying no and it shows. No hiding it, but we can try to improve. Think where we would be if we had no guilt. My lofty intentions are using moderation and mindful awareness. What will happen when the first plate of temptations is in front of me is different. A “get my share” attitude kicks in and all is lost. It’s a great time of year.

Very few complaints about the weather. Cold but very little shoveling isn’t bad for this time of year. We are having a white Christmas so no problems with needing more. Enjoy it and keep it where it is.

We get a break on the impeachment hearings. The House has voted, no surprise there and the Senate will hold their hearings in January. There won’t be much for a surprise there. It’s called Politics just like in the house. There will be much hair pulling and screaming like last time but will end on partisan lines just like last time. No surprise, just a very costly expense not only in money but also in world apprehension. The next election is the target. No matter your political views, most of us have little appreciation for the time and money spent on the endeavor.

Back to Christmas, a much better topic, we will be foregoing the traditional frosted windowpanes and warm mugs of something good. The goal is the sandy beaches overlooked by active volcanos in lush tropical settings. Hopefully, all will end well and we intend to tell you how it went.

Enjoy the little things this season because they can be the most memorable. Enjoy the tinsel on the tree, the smile of a young child, the devotion of a trusted dog and the joy of a snowflake, but it is Grandma who pulls it all together for the holidays. Every new grandma silently takes the oath to do the best by her grandchildren and very little will stop them.

Next week is Christmas and our joy for the season comes from within our hearts.

Merry Christmas!!

.* * *

Have a good week.

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