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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

November 6, 2013

Sunday’s wind was all we needed. It was a drying wind with gusts over forty miles per hour.
Sunday’s wind was all we needed. It was a drying wind with gusts over forty miles per hour. I spent the morning on Badger Lake hunting. The morning started early and we forced the canoe through the ice covered channels to get to our hot spot. Setting out the decoys and getting the canoe into the cattails to use as a blind went quickly. The wind increased as the morning progressed with almost constant duck activity. Our bag had mallards and green wing teal and there were other possible opportunities with spoonbills. The wind made it difficult, but tucked under the cattails it was pretty good. Shooting was difficult in the wind, when the duck flared it was ten yards downwind in the blink of an eye. It was an enjoyable morning. The trip back against the wind was difficult starting with picking up the decoys and ten the long paddle thru cattails and up the channels. Saturday we were on the big slough near Slayton and spent a warm pleasant morning but seen very few ducks. One highlight of Saturday was the afternoon pheasant hunt south of Iona. In an hour we were able to both get our limit and had to pass on several more opportunities. Monday morning we returned to Badger hopping to repeat our good luck on ducks the day before. But no, there were very few ducks around. On Tuesday, it was back to work, if I have a job yet. I need to look productive because on Saturday the nine day deer season starts.

The three to five inches of snow promised on Tuesday will end our long run of good weather. I could have waited until Christmas for snow.

* * *

Mad men are given a test to check their mental state. The instructor draws a door on the wall and orders them to go out.

They start rushing to the door but one remains sitting. The instructor goes to him and asks; “why didn’t you join the others?” He replies, "let them fight they forgot I have the keys".

* * *

Have a good week.

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