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September 18, 2013

Summary for August 13, 2013
(entire minutes may be read in the administrative office or on the district website:

Chair Woldt called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Dan Woldt, Tom Mesner, Tony Clarke, Cindy Meling, and Jeremy Steinle. Not present Sue Streff. Administration: Luther Onken, Todd Burlingame, and Joe Meyer. Others: Becky Hudson, Naomi Sankey, Lisa Rademacher, Tom Kresko, and Charlene Steensma.

MSP Clarke/Mesner to approve the agenda with the addition of 6.E. MREA Membership.

MSP Steinle/Meling to act on the consent agenda items. Approve July 16, 2013 minutes. Approve payment of claims in the amount of $202,200.48. Receive Trial Balance and 2014 Cash Flow reports. Approve lane change request from Kristin St. John from BA to MA. Accept retirement/resignation notice from Jean Hentges a Para Professional. Approve teaching contracts for Elijah Johnson-Elementary/Secondary Music and Kristin Walerius-Elementary Music 67%. Approve coaching assignments: Football-Assistant Patrick Freeman, .5 Assistant Tom Whitehead, Jr. High .75 Dennis Anderson and .75 Dan Blankeship; Volleyball-Assistant Michelle Swanson, Jr. High Donna Johansen; Cheerleader Advisor-Amanda Berreau. Set substitute teacher pay at $95.00. Approve MREA Membership Annual Dues of $1,623.00 for 2013-2014.

Tom Kresko came before the school board regarding the cancellation of the committee meeting regarding adding soccer to the school's athletic program. Tom Mesner stated that it still comes down to money and kids to build a program. Mr. Onken pointed out that the district previously made cuts in other sports and academics and did not plan to add another sport at this time. Mr. Woldt suggested that the subcommittee prepare a report for the September school board meeting.

Administrative reports were received.

MSP Mesner/Meling to approve the Elementary Parent/Student Handbook and the Elementary Faculty Handbook.

MSP Steinle/Clarke to approve the updated Policy 516 Student Medication.

MSP Meling/Mesner to approve the High School Student/Parent and the High School Faculty Handbooks. Motion carried unanimously. Following discussion on activity fees and passes,

MSP/Mesner to adjust the High School Student Handbook to include “Senior citizens(In District) 65+ will be issued free Senior Passes from the Superintendent's Office and Senior Citizens (Out of District) 65+ will be charged _ price of adult single admission or they may purchase an Adult Season Pass at _ price.“

The board held the first reading of Data Request Policy for Public Data and Data Request Policy for Subjects of Data.

The Q-Comp Budget was received.

MSP Steinle/Clarke to adjourn at 7:10 p.m.

Cindy Meling, Clerk

S 9-18

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