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By: Dorothy Bloemendaal, staff writer

January 16, 2013

Recipes: Easy Chow Mein; Wild Rice Casserole; and Fast Homemade Crescent Rolls
Spring, summer, fall and winter. The seasons of the year. Why did that come to mind? Way back when I was student at the U of M one of my professors didn’t believe in spring and fall cleaning and suggested we do some every day, not that I have always followed her advice, thus she claimed it wasn’t a dreaded chore. After the construction in the basement as I was doing some cleaning or rearranging in the basement, I came across an envelope that had certainly seen better days. I don’t know when I got it or where it came from. It had a street address similar to my aunts’ apartment in Boston and how it got to my house is a mystery. The contents of the package were most interesting as it contained a couple of very well used scrapbooks of recipes. Some of the recipes were handwritten while others were clipped from magazines and newspapers. One had dates of 1946 and through the 60s. I am assuming the other was older as it was an appendix to another volume with questions relating to country schools and the farming community. Because much of the writing was done with pencil, which has faded over the years, some of recipes and the instructions for knitting a stocking may not be able to be deciphered.

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