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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

November 21, 2012

The thought of living without the comfort of a Twinkie has the world grinding to a halt.
The thought of living without the comfort of a Twinkie has the world grinding to a halt. I was never a Twinkie fan, but my knees would buckle when there was a Hostess Cupcake with its chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and hidden reward of the creamy centers. There was two large cupcakes in a package which to me meant it was one serving. It was a regular purchase in high school at least two days each week. At the noon bell, the north doors would burst open spewing kids onto the grass across the lawn between a couple of houses to the sidewalk. Then it was just a two block sprint to Beeck's Grocery and gas station. Dorothy was always there and the choices were plenty in the snack line. If the cupcakes were out my second choice was the snowball. Again it was the chocolate cake and white gooey frosting covered in coconut. Also two in a pack ready for the walk back. On the way out, there was a chest type pop cooler where you made your selection of Coke, orange or grape by sliding the bottle towards you then left down the channel, then backside left into the release chamber. I believe it was a whole dime by then (I can remember the nickel days at the Chevrolet Garage). The noon break covered both exercise and nutrition program. Kilbride's Bakery was our second choice, only because it was twice as far, but the fried rolls were worth the effort. Fifteen cents each or two for a quarter. Don't mourn the Twinkie, someone will come up with the recipe.

Our warm weather this week building to the holiday is easy to take and will make it harder to accept the cold that's moving in. Black Friday’s cold biting wind will be a reminder of the winter to come. Only Friday’s hot bargains will keep you warm.

This week we will gather for one of those warm holidays made for family, fun and food. It is a time to remember those who have touched our lives and made our purpose clearer. It's time to thank you our readers for your patronage, our hats are off to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Have a good week.

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